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ROOM 753

The thick red carpet... installed to heighten the sense of luxury. To take the mind away from... The long hallways. The doors that never end. That all look the same.

Work that never ends. It never pays. And it always repeats itself.

Around the next bend... maybe there is something different. Something new. Or at least to be done. To reach the elevator.

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753 753 753


Use WASD or arrows to navigate and mouse to interact.

Escape ends everything without any mercy.

Use one of the top two graphics settings or the game becomes really horrendous!

Warning: contains a lot of glitches and effects so if you are sensitive, consider yourself warned.

Some people seem to have adopted a life of walking backwards. We did not foresee this. While we have no opinion about what is the proper direction forward in life, we would like to issue a warning: Walking backwards onto an elevator tile will make you stuck there for life. (We will fix this as soon as Ludum Dare voting is over)


Code, 3D: LocalMinimum

Sounds, 2D, Level design, numerology: Pica pica

Code: Jonas

Elevator music from Podington Bear

Originally created for Ludum Dare 37


If you run out of levels and want to add your own... or just, I don't know... have a look.


Room753_win.zip 14 MB
Room753_win64.zip 15 MB
Room753_linux_universal.tar.gz 28 MB
Room753_mac_universal.tar.gz 27 MB


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The Stanley Parable meets The Shining.

Pretty neat stuff, some fun visual effects.

I actually had a copyright claim against my play through of this because of the music. I won the claim, but I thought it was interesting. Cheers!


So this was definitely an interesting game. Some of the puzzles took me forever to figure out (especially the last one, which I was totally overthinking). If you continue work on this game after the Dare, I'd suggest a couple of things. 1: If you really want this to be horror, one of the best things you could do is have the music change as the player progresses. The happy-go-lucky elevator-esque music doesn't really work well for raising tension. 2: Change up the rooms just slightly, especially at the beginning, or make the rooms part of the puzzle.

Fun game, I'm looking forward to more of your work!

Thank you so much for playing and recording your play. It is of great value to get to see how they interact with the game. We are hoping to do both of the things you are suggesting and more. The todo-list has already expanded to be almost longer than it was when we started making the game. As well as the thing you didn't put in the comment but was very clear from the video: the player deserves a better wrapping up of the experience in the end.


*Rawr* Hello! I made a Let's Play of this game and was able to beat the puzzles >:O I enjoyed myself, though I wish there were many secrets or eastereggs to be found, or multiple endings, which feels like that'd be second-nature to strange games like this - nonetheless I hope everyone enjoys my video :P

Awesome, thank you so much for playing and recording it! We made this game during 72h of Ludum Dare so we had to cut some corners to make the deadline. We are planning to do a more worked-through version fixing the graphics issues you were having, making it more clear that work never pays (or possibly making work worth more) and adding proper story-ending(s). Also more secrets, more disturbing things. We'll definately take into account the things we've learnt from watching your Let's Play and we take it as we'll need to up the creapyness of the game.

Players often say that our games freak them out/are scary. We totally agree that it's is no classical horror, but maybe more of an existential dread kind of nightmare. Over the course of the 72 hours that we made it, it turned out more of a puzzle than we thought we were making. But, am I guessing right that you are quite versed in horror games and need a stronger fix?

I guess we would like to strike some good balance between nightmare and puzzle. If you have any further input, we are all ears.

Thanks again for playing!

I always need a stronger fix - personally, haha. The game has the potential of just making people paranoid of 'what if' something is behind me, since its first person and has slow rotation, it leaves you susceptible to potential 'attacks' to the mind - whether that be subtle jumpscares or things, ghosts, sorta like a The Shining, 2 girls down the hallway eeriness - type of horror. That's at least what I get the vibes of.

Uncanny Valley and long hallways are a good subject.Sound effects of things that suggest something really is behind you, or events when you look into a room - opening a door perhaps could lead to unexpected things? A doorway in this games' instance can be a gateway to infinite possibilities, especially grusome or unexpected things. A bloodied room? A black shadow that's waiting and walks towards you and you want to just close the door asap? List could go on forever with Hallway horror audio aesthetics and doorway room-differences, I'd argue :P


Oh god I feel like I'm in some sort of time warp or a Franz Kafka story. REally cool game. I want to keep playing it to see if it ever ends.